At EUITSols, we respect the processes and custom workflows that are inherent to your business. We are also aware of the fact that packaged software applications available in the market are not custom made to fit the needs of your business.

EUITSols provide professionals that take care exclusively of your database design project. Cost reduction, better execution of business functions, increased profit and achieving better database competence are some of the advantages of outsourcing database application to EUITSols. Our professionals are well versed in all possible database applications including MS Access, MySQL, MSSQL Server and Oracle RDBMS.

We provide customised solutions for banks, telecommunication companies and other businesses using Sagent Dataflow, DOC1, and PCE. Sagent Data Flow from Pitney Bowes Business Insight is a powerful and flexible integration engine that brings together data from disparate sources into a single view where a comprehensive set of data transformation tools can merge and cleanse the data to enhance its business value.

DOC1 allows companies to quickly and efficiently produce effective, personalized communications in a batch production environment. This highly scalable solution for automated and personalized documents reliably generates high-volume communications in high-speed batch production applications.

We provide customized software solutions on the following fields: