A successful website needs maintenance to continue to be successful and may generate a large amount of email queries that need to be responded to. Just like a physical business, your virtual online business needs maintenance and care if you are to look as fresh and up to date as your competition. Many of our clients do not have the time or skills to effectively manage their online presence.

EUITSols can help our clients with Ongoing search engine reporting and placement, Website traffic statistics & analysis and even email handling. Choose us to maintain your online presence and it will save you time, resources and money.

EUITSols provide two kinds of maintenance:

General Website Maintenance

A General Website Maintenance contract may include use to our following services:

  • Content Publishing: The publication of text or graphical content on your website
  • Website Support: Includes any email or telephone support required to maintain your website
  • Web Design: Re-design or design of new pages or sections for your website
  • Product Integration: Insertion of new products into your online store or insertion of one off products into your website, such as linking products to your PayPal account

Web Systems Maintenance

We have a team of expert programmers. They are highly skilled in the following web programming, database and interface languages – Action Script, ASP.NET, C#, C, C++, Visual Basic.Net, HTML, XHTML, Java, J2EE, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, MSSQL, MySQL and XML.

As part of Web Systems Maintenance we can perform the following:

  • New functionality: Develop and deliver new custom functionality for your online system or website. We have custom coded eCommerce systems, online booking systems, online patient outcome tracking and measurement systems, tour operator systems, online insurance systems to name a few.
  • Update existing functionality: We can maintain and update your existing website functionality.
  • Testing: Testing websites and online systems for stability, speed and flaws.
  • Security: Security auditing and protecting online systems.